Friday, July 27, 2012

Reporting Stolen Bank or Credit Cards

I have attached a video from ctv news about an elderly lady who lost her wallet which contained a bank card and her health card. Whoever found her wallet figured out her bank code which the bank assumed was the lady's birthdate which the thief found on her health card. $8,800 was taken from her account without her knowing. The lady stated that she had forgotten about the bank card and didn't realize what had happened until the bank contacted her to advise that some cheques had bounced. The lady then explained that she had lost her wallet 6 weeks prior and expected that the bank would reimburse her for the stolen money. However, the bank (Scotiabank) advised that they would not reimburse her because her pin was too easy and that she waited 6 weeks to report her card lost/stolen.

Although I feel very sorry for the lady for losing so much money, I do have to side with the bank that she waited too long to report it lost/stolen. It would be interesting however to see what a judge would say if the lady takes it to court.

This is definitely a lesson that if you lose a bank card, credit card, or any type of identification that it should be reported lost/stolen immediately since the banks will only reimburse for funds stolen after a lost/stolen report is filed. It is also a good idea to keep a list of all of your card numbers and phone numbers of the bank or credit card company on the card so that you can quickly call to report them lost or stolen.

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