Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organizing the Playroom

I finally got around to organizing the playroom somewhat. I went through all of the toy boxes and threw out the broken toys. Then I bought a few bins from the Dollar Store. They have some round plastic bins in bright colours which I used for the dinky cars and miscellaneous toys like Little People and accessories for my daughter's doll house. Then I bought a dish pan and put all of the big lego pieces in it and separated the smaller lego into another bin. We have lots of stuffed animals lying around so I put them into another bin and I also gathered up all of the "dress-up" clothes and put them in a bin with a lid. We have a dresser in the playroom which I use to store books, games, and craft supplies. Now I just have to teach the kids where everything goes and hopefully I will be able to keep that room a little neater!

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