Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I am proud to say that I have started my Christmas shopping. I do not like leaving my shopping to the last minute and this year I am only buying things that are on sale. I was at Walmart the other day and they had the Leapfrog Tag Reader on sale for $40. So I bought that for my 5 year old. I am really watching what on spend money on this year and I will be buying more practical things like clothing and educational toys, and books. I am tired of buying junky toys that break shortly after Christmas. My 8 year old wants an MP4 player so I am trying to find that on sale right now. He wants an ipod but I don't think that he is old enough to look after something that expensive yet. Another item on my list for him this year is a Wii game. Shopping for my 2 year old will be easy. She loves clothes and books and will play with any type of toy.

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