Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Texting and Driving

The other day I was on the highway driving in the slow lane when I noticed a van in the fast lane who kept cutting into my lane. It was pouring rain out so visibility was really reduced and I was being extra cautious to watch every vehicle around me. This guy was driving too slow for the fast lane to begin with and I finally passed him. I thought he must either be tired, drunk, or talking on the phone. I looked over and sure enough he was looking down at his phone and it appeared that he was texting. A few minutes later he passed me and there he was again looking down at his phone typing away. It is scary to think that people are doing this even during a rain or snow storm. I have tried texting on my phone and I admit I am not very good at it because I am so used to the computer keyboard. I couldn't possibly imagine trying to text someone while I was driving. I wonder how many teenagers who are newly licensed are texting and driving as well?

Hopefully the new ban on cell phone use in your car in Ontario will make the roads safer.

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  1. I think they recently banned "Blackberries" (does cell phones count too?) while driving in Ontario. Well - they better. I know way too many people that do it while I'm in the car with them, and it's very unnerving. So I'm glad OPP has finally put their foot down. Definitely report them if you see them.