Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting Tips

Today I bought my eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. I thought I would make a list of things that will make your egg hunt run smoothly.

  1. First determine how many kids will be participating and the age groups.

  2. Also determine if it will be inside or outside.

  3. Estimate at least 10 eggs/child when calculating how many eggs you will need.

  4. If you will be inviting guests to your egg hunt, you can ask them to bring a basket or bag and ensure that you have extras on hand for the hunt.

  5. Foil eggs work well for egg hunts and so do plastic fillable eggs. You can fill them with jelly beans, chocolate eggs, M&M's, stickers, erasers, tatoos, and tiny toys. Just keep in mind that small objects will be choking hazzards for toddlers. You can also put a special message in a fillable egg that will win a child a prize (like a chocolate easter bunny).

  6. Make a set of rules for the hunt and determine if the eggs will be pooled at the end and divided evenly among all children.

  7. You may want to designate an area for the bigger kids so that the little ones will be able to find some eggs. It is safer to keep the eggs at or below eye level of the children.

  8. If the eggs are being hid outside, ensure that they are not being placed near thorny bushes or on grass that has pesticides on it.

  9. Decorate the area with streamers, balloons, and paper bunny and easter egg cutouts.

  10. Prepare some refreshments for afterwards. Have water and punch ready to drink and carrot sticks and mini sandwiches for a snack.

Have fun!

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