Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Meaning of Easter

For children, Easter is a time for chocolates, baskets, candies, and sometimes toys. But we should also explain to them the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. My 7 year old son had some questions about Easter and this is how I explained it to him.

Jesus died for a sin he did not commit on Easter Friday. He was ordered to die on a cross and was taken to a tomb after he died. On Easter Sunday the tomb was found empty and Jesus had come back to life (or was resurrected) and rose to live in heaven forever. Because of this, Christians believe in eternal life and Easter is a time of new life and hope. It is a special time to spend with family and to celebrate life with good food, chocolate goodies and bunnies, and coloured eggs.

I came across a poem written by Charlene Dickenson which can also help to explain Easter. It is called the Jelly Bean Prayer.

Green is for the grassy blade; Yellow is for the sun god made;
Orange is for a flame so bright; Black is for our sins not right;
Red is for the blood he gave; White is for Jesus grace. He saved;
Purple is for the hours of sorrow; Pink is for a new tomorrow;
A bag of jellybeans, so colourful and sweet, is a promise, a prayer, a loved one's treat.


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