Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Childproofing the Bathroom

Here are some tips on childproofing your bathroom:

  1. Use a faucet guard to protect your child's head from the sharp edges of the faucet.
  2. Place a full-length bath mat into the tub to prevent slipping.
  3. Keep the toilet lid closed at all times so that your baby/toddler can't fall into it.
  4. Place a latch lock on the outside of the bathroom door so that your child cannot get into the bathroom without you knowing.
  5. Store things such as razors, nail polish, cleaners, mouthwash, medication, vitamins, etc. up on a high shelf or cabinet. Child resistant caps aren't always childproof.
  6. Keep the garbage can in a cabinet or put a lock on it so that your child cannot get into discarded razor blades or plastic bags.
  7. Do not use baby bath seats. They give a false sense of security and can often tip over or your baby can slip through the spaces of the seat and fall into the water. This happened with my first child and luckily I saw it happen right away. I never used a bath seat for my other children.
  8. Reduce the temperature of your water heater to decrease the chance of your child getting scalded by hot water.
  9. If your bathroom door has a lock on it ensure that you can unlock it from the outside. If not, you my want to consider changing the style of lock or removing it completely.

You have to always be one step ahead of children and never underestimate what a child is capable of doing. It is best to always supervise babies and toddlers when they are in the bathroom.

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