Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing Pains

For the past few months my 5 year old is sometimes awakened at night with pains in his legs. It happened again last night. The pains occur in his calf muscles and thigh muscles. My older son also complains of leg pains occasionally, but they rarely wake him up at night. Apparently growing pains affect children until their teenage years. It seems if they have an overactive day their tired muscles will start aching once they settle down in the evening or when they are asleep. I remember that I had them as a child as well. To ease the pain I massage his leg muscles and put a hot pack on it. If he is really uncomfortable with the pain, I will also give him an Advil to settle him down so he can go back to sleep. I wish I could get back to sleep as easily.

Growing pains will not be accompanied by any other symptoms so if your child has a fever, swelling, limping, rashes, loss of appetite or weakness, or uncharacteristic behaviour then you should go to the doctor.

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  1. My seven-year old has been complaining a lot about pain in his legs. Since he shot up a few inches this year I'm pretty sure they're the growing pains that you describe. When he has them he tells us to pull on his leg and somehow that makes it feel better. He has an annual physical tomorrow and that's definitely one of the things I need to bring up with his pediatrician.