Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Shania Twain Update

I am a fan of Shania's on Facebook and she recently added to her blog. She is in the Carribean right now writing songs and enjoying the sunshine (lucky her). She also posted two personal videos shot by her boyfriend, Fred. One video is a casual one of her singing by the fireplace with her cousin, Kenny. I was amused by her son, Eja, jumping around on the couch trying to get her attention, just like my 8 year old. The other video is a montage of footage from her visit to Ontario over the holidays. It shows her at a hockey game in Timmins and attending a first nations ceremony. It also has footage of when she carried the Olympic torch and her trip to Toronto when she hosted a radio talk show, The Current on CBC. I love the fact that Shania is showing a more personal side to her and I look forward to receiving her updates from time to time.

Shania has also started a charity called Shania Kids Can where she will be working with schools to reach out to underprivileged or disadvantaged children.

To view the videos and to read her blog post, please visit her website below.

Shania Twain

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