Monday, May 18, 2009

Having A Successful Sleepover for Tweens

My 8 year old is at the age where he wants to have sleepovers. We have tried it a couple of times and I have done some research on tips for having a successful sleepover.

Communicate with the other parents to let them know when they are to drop off their child, what they should bring, what you have planned, and provide a specific time that they are to pick up their child in the morning. 10:00 a.m. is the suggested time. Keep a list of phone numbers and warn the parents that they may have to call if their child gets sick, homesick, or misbehaves. Also, find out if their child has any allergies, food aversions, bedwets, or has any fears.

Friday nights seem to be the best day to have a sleepover because the kids are tired from a week of school and it is easier to get them to wind down at night. They will also have Saturday and Sunday to catch up on sleep before they go back to school.

Keep the number of kids even so that no one feels left out.

Serve food such as mini-pizzas, veggies & dip, fruit, pretzels and popcorn. Limit the amount of sugary foods like pop and chocolate. You definitely don't want an over-hyper or ill child from eating too much sugar.

Ensure the kids know the rules of your house and set boundaries of where they are to eat and drink.

Plan a few activities to keep them busy such as playing board games, karoke, making forts, doing crafts, watching a non-scary movie, flashlight tag outside at dusk, a campfire, or fashion show.

Specify the time for bed ahead of time and stick to it. Gather their sleeping bags in the living room on the floor and darken the lights and perhaps put a movie on to settle them down.

Have a few extra toothbrushes on hand just in case a child forgets one.

Keep breakfast simple and quick. Things like bagels, fruit, cereal, and frozen waffles or pancakes are easy to make with little mess.

Make sure that everyone is packed by a certain time in the morning and double check to ensure that no one has forgot anything. You don't want to be spending the next day or two making arrangements to return clothing or other items.


  1. Thanks for the great ideas - my 4 boyz b-days are coming up soon!

  2. What a great idea for an article - my 7 year old is going for a sleep over this week-end - it is such a big milestone for them.