Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ways to Spend Less

In these economic times, people are becoming more conscious of what they spend their money on. Here are a few ways to put more money back into your pocket:

Skip the morning latte. Besides being very expensive, they are high in calories. Opt for just plain coffee or make your own coffee at home and put it in a travel mug.

Save energy: Wash only full loads of laundry and wash only dirty clothes. I am constantly sorting through the clothes hampers to determine if a piece of clothing is actually dirty or if it can be folded and put back into the drawer. Clothes wear out and fade the more you wash them too.

Make your own lunch for work or when going out on errands rather than stopping at fast food places or restaurants. This is also much healthier.

Buy only clothes that you need as opposed to buying two things that are almost the same.

Buy no name or generic brands of groceries as often as you can without compromising too much quality.

Keep tabs on your cellphone plan and adjust it as your circumstances change. Change your long distance plan if you are making more long distance calls and monitor the minutes you are using to ensure you are on the right plan.

Don't go to the convenience store unless you absolutely have to. Try to plan ahead when you go grocery shopping. Trips to the convenience store leads to impulse buying of junk food and lottery tickets.


  1. My family and I have gotten used to eating leftovers. A few months ago, I never would have touched it! We also do laundry on weekends to save on hydro. We keep a list of times when the energy is cheapest and take showers during those times. We saved hundreds on our bill by being so frugal!


  2. We always turn off lights when we leave a room and we don't turn on our outside lights unless we are expecting company.

  3. I buy my kids clothes at garage sales and consignment stores. they still wear brand name clothing, but at a fraction of the cost!

  4. I buy used clothes as well. I look for lot listings on ebay and I look for local listings on kijiji. You can put an ad on kijiji specifying exactly what you are looking for and you always get replies from people. It's great for toys too. I also take whatever hand me downs friends or neighbours have.