Monday, March 23, 2009

Childproofing The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house and here are some ideas on how to keep your kids safe in it.

  1. Always turn pot handles to the back of the stove so that they cannot be reached or knocked over.
  2. Never leave a child alone in the kitchen while you are boiling water or oil or if there is something hot on the counter.
  3. Keep all cleaning supplies and breakable items in the top cupboards. It is best to use non-toxic cleaners anyway.
  4. Never leave cords dangling over the edge of the counters.
  5. Keep small appliances out of your child's reach and leave them unplugged when you are not using them.
  6. Dispose of opened cans immediately. The lids are very sharp and kids can get their fingers stuck in between the lid and the can.
  7. Refrain from using placemats or tablecloths because they can be easily pulled off the table.
  8. Keep a cupboard that is just babies where he/she can play with plastic dishes, cups, spoons, etc.
  9. Ensure that your dishwasher door is closed. Small children quickly learn how to open them and can get into the sharp knives and breakables.
  10. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and learn how to use it before an emergency happens.


  1. I just love your blog! I found it after seeing your ad on Kijiji. Mind if I borrow this list and post it? I will, of course, credit you. :)

  2. Mom To The Power of ThreeMarch 26, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    Thanks Jodi. Yes, you can post the list as long as you show my link.