Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

Today is family day in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. It is considered a statutory holiday so most retail business are closed today, as well as schools, and all government offices. Family Day celebrates the importance of families and family life. Today, many families will be going skating at outdoor rinks, watching movies, doing crafts, attending family day events, or travelling to visit family and friends. I may rent a movie for the kids and perhaps we will do some crafts. Because my husband is self-employed, he does not get the luxury of a paid holiday today. Please feel free to share what you will be doing today in honor of Family Day.

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  1. My daughter asked why this holiday was called family day? My husband works for the federal gov't in Ottawa, Ontario and it is not a holiday for them, it is business as usual.
    I told my daughter, it is mommy and the kids day and we went down to enjoy winterlude. Maybe one day it will be a holiday for all.