Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Always A Battle

I wish someone could invent a phone just for parents that had a pause button for the kids. As any parent knows, talking on the phone is always a challenge when you have little ones around. The kids could be playing in another room 20 feet away but the moment you pick up the phone they somehow are able to hone in on this and immediately come running your way. It's always at that moment when you are deep in conversation on an important point when someone comes running up needing juice or crying that their brother took a toy away from her. At this point I would like to be able to push a "pause" button so that I could have one minute of complete silence so that I could actually hear the other person and listen intently and be able to actually carry on a proper conversation. I know if I had a phone like that I would use it constantly and I also know that if I could invent it, I would be very rich!

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