Thursday, January 29, 2009


I like doing laundry but I am getting frustrated because my clothes don't come out smelling nice. I have tried putting fabric softener in the rinse cycle but it leaves stains on my dark clothes. I just want my clothes to smell fresh! Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Dry them out. In the winter is difficult because the low temperature could damage the fabric but in the summer go all for it. Nothing compares with the smell of clothes dried out in the sun (or shade:)).

  2. Hi. I own a commercial laundry, so you could say I like doing laundry too.

    If you are getting greasy stains on your clothes, it is because you are using too much fabric softener, or because you aren't adding it to the wash at the right time.

    Try using 1/3 of the amount before. You can also try some eco-friendly dryer sheets.

    To get rid of the stains, rub a white bar soap over it and wash repeatedly in hot water. You can also try some stain fighters like shout/spray n wash. If you have already dried it there isn't much hope that the stain will come out.
    If you have not dried the clothes, you can try using