Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In The Wrong Lane!

I went to the grocery store early Sunday morning to grab a couple of things and headed to the express lane. I stopped short when I saw a woman checking out of that lane with a full cart of groceries. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. To top that off, the grocery store that I was at will match a sale price of a different grocery store if you bring in their flyer. Well, this woman had a handful of flyers and the checkout clerk had to check almost every item against the flyers so that the woman could get the sale price. This was taking forever. Finally, as the checkout line grew bigger, the manager opened up a regular checkout line to service the annoyed express customers.

I think it is very inconsiderate to even think about going through the express lane with a full cart of groceries. I am also surprised that the checkout clerk didn't tell the woman to go to a different lane. In any event, the woman was still going through her flyers and occupying the lane when I left. Some things just really make you shake your head...

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