Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Phantom Phone Call

Have you ever had someone accidentally call you on their cell phone without knowing that they called you? My boss used to do this to me all of the time on my office phone. Somehow he would accidentally dial my number (I guess on speed dial) and my voicemail would pick it up but all I could hear was background noise like the radio in his car or his conversation with players on the golf course. He didn't realize that his phone didn't hang up so I would have several minutes of this background noise. Out of curiousity I would listen for a minute or so but I never heard anything interesting or funny. How embarassing it would be to have someone hear a conversation that you didn't want others to know about! Yesterday I was listening to the radio and someone actually called the radio station by accident and you could hear what was going on in the background. It sounded like a family trying to get ready in the morning. I definitely wouldn't want that heard on the radio!

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  1. My husband's phone used to call me all the time when he carried it in his back pocket, "butt dialing" as it were. It sort of got annoying, me sitting there listening to three minutes of nothing (3 minutes is how long my voice mail lasts). I told him to stop butt dialing me and he's obliged. Never heard anything funny or embarrassing, though. Wish I had. Could have blogged about it!

  2. @Kathy That's funny that you call it "butt dialing". I'm sure you would have created a very witty blog post about it!

  3. That is funny. If your cell phone's keys are not locked you could accidentally call someone on your contact list. I think I've done that a few times.

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  4. I've done this a few times too! Fortunately my new phone locks automatically :-)

  5. i have had that happen before where someone hasnt put the phone down right and i will have a little listen! im a curious person lol

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