Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre-packaged Salads - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I have on occasion bought the prepackaged bagged salads which are really convenient and quick. I have always wondered how safe they were to eat and how clean the lettuce and veggies were. I happened to come across an article which was published by March 2010 Consumer Reports Magazine and they have done a study on the cleanliness of prepackaged salads. They tested 16 different brands which were purchased in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York and they found evidence of contamination, especially in packages that were close to the expiry dates.

If you opt to buy the prepackaged salads, Consumer Reports are suggesting that you wash the greens even if the package states that they have been prewashed. You should also buy packages that are the furthest from the expiry date. Another big factor in food contamination is how we handle it once we get it home. You should always keep your fruits and vegetables away from raw meat and use a separate cutting board for meat than for fruits and vegetables. Always wash your hands well and use a clean knife.

Click here to read the Consumer Reports article.


  1. Fifteen years ago I lived in Paris for three years. It was a great thing to me and my American friends to be able to buy pre-packaged salads. They had just about started selling them in the UK at that time and apparently not at all in the USA. I've been eating them ever since, all 15 years, with no ill effects. Sometimes I think we can be over cautious about hygiene.

  2. Hi Sheila. That is good to know that you have been using them for so long and have never gotten ill. I do agree with you that we can become too over cautious. Thanks for your comment!