Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Great Cereal - Oatmeal Crisp

My son recently picked out a new cereal that he wanted to try. He had seen the commercials for it on TV and he also loves oatmeal so he thought it would be good. He chose Oatmeal Crisp - Vanilla Almond by General Mills and it is delicious! It has flakes that are bursting with Vanilla flavour which are also mixed with big slices of almonds and hearty clusters of oats. The mixture of flavours and textures is awesome and everyone in the family loved it - even my 2 year old. I will definitely buy this cereal again and would also like to try the other flavours. This cereal also makes a great crunchy snack as a healthy alternative to potato chips.

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  1. My son was just talking about that same cereal this morning. I guess the commercial is very catchy because it also got his attention. I am going to go and grab some this afternoon!!!