Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

My 4 year old is full of questions and the other day he asked me what the tooth fairy did with all of the teeth. I told him that I didn't know but I would find out. So I have done some research and here are examples of things that the tooth fairy does with the teeth:

  • She throws them into the sky and they become stars;

  • She builds her castle out of them;

  • She gives them to new babies;

  • She makes necklaces out of them and sells them to get money to give to children;

  • She grinds them into fairy dust.

So now when he asks me this question again, I will be prepared with an answer. Of course, when I give him one of these answers, he will come up with more questions. Perhaps I will try to find a book about the tooth fairy. My oldest son was never this inquisitive about the tooth fairy. He just liked getting the money under his pillow.

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