Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Easter Bunny And Egg Hunt

My 4 year old has already begun asking me about the Easter Bunny. What does he look like? Where does he live? How does he carry all of the eggs? So that has led me to do some research on the origins of the Easter Bunny and the significance of the egg hunt.

It is the legend of the Easter Bunny that he brings colourful eggs and candy to children on the night before Easter Sunday. It has been believed that in the 1700's people would leave colourful eggs for children in nests built out of garments. This has evolved into the famous egg hunt. Fertility is the main theme of spring and that is one of of the reasons why eggs are a symbol of Easter. The "new life" theme also extends to chicks, lambs, ducks, and of course bunnies.

The egg tradition also has its roots in Christianity. The blood of Jesus was said to have spread over some eggs that were placed at the bottom of the cross he was on, where it painted the eggs red. This is where the idea of painting the eggs comes from. The colours have evolved from red to pretty pastels.

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