Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's A Bye Bye Boobie Party!

I recently read an ebook entitled It's a Bye Bye Boobie Party! written by Stacey Larocque, a frustrated mom who was having difficulty weaning her toddler. After conducting research to try to find a way to wean her son in a comforting way, she could not find any helpful advice. So, realizing that this was something she had to do her own way, she experimented with an idea that she came up with and it worked!

Her technique is very unique and is a method I have never heard of before. She does not like the "cry it out" separation method and has taken a very positive approach to weaning and has turned it into a celebration. If you have a toddler who you would like to wean and you want to take a fun and comforting approach, then you will benefit from the advice in this ebook. I breastfed all of my 3 children and found that weaning was exhausting, frustrating, and guilt ridden. I nursed my youngest until she was almost a toddler and I wished that I had knowledge of this method when I tried to wean her.

Stacey wishes to help other frustrated parents and you may visit her website at You can also preview the ebook at You may purchase It's a Bye Bye Boobie Party! on either site.

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