Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change in Grocery Shopping Habits Since Recession

This is the first time since I left my job in 2004 that I have had to really watch what I buy at the grocery store. I have started planning my meals better and cooking in batches and freezing meals. I try to buy no name items as much as possible and find that most no name items are just as good as brand names. I am also making a lot of homemade soups and baking from scratch. I no longer buy packaged cookies or rice krispie squares. I still buy cereal but I look for sales on brand names or I buy the store brand name which is usually a lot cheaper. Today I will be making a chicken dinner and will be making a stock out of the bones which I will turn into chicken soup with the leftover chicken. My husband loves taking soup in his lunch with a sandwich. When I make his lunch, it saves us about $10 a day. I no longer buy juice boxes for the kids' lunches. I now put juice in the plastic drinking box containers.

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  1. Food Basics has a $10 aisle in their store where you can buy bags of things in bulk. They have frozen meats, ground beef, chicken burgers and fingers, pizzas, sausages, etc. They also have double packs of deli meats for $5. Great deals!